Auto Insurance

In Texas, state law determines who is responsible for paying for accidents. If you were at fault, you alone are responsible for paying for all related costs. That's why in Texas, liability auto insurance is required of everyone in the state. And at the Dina King Insurance, you can get the policy that you want that has all the types of coverage you want for your own peace of mind as well as to meet your financial responsibilities.

The law in Texas requires that you prove that you can take care of any accidents that are your fault. In most cases, this means having liability insurance for your vehicle. It means having proof of that insurance with you at all times when you drive. There may be further insurance types that are required of you based on your auto lender's requirements. Often, when there is still money owed on a vehicle, the lender makes it mandatory to have comprehensive coverage, including collision coverage, so that any damage can be paid for while you are paying off your vehicle.

In Texas, the law is serious about you both having insurance and having proof of insurance. If you are pulled over in the state and don't have insurance, the fine you can receive can be as much as $350. If this has already happened to you, you aren't off the hook yet. The second time, your fine can be as much as $1,000 and they can suspend your driver's license.

If you have a car or truck, you need auto insurance. You can get that through the Dina King Insurance. We talk to you about the types of coverage and which might be best for you as well as what is required of you. This is how we build a personalized policy that fits your budget and your needs.