Commercial Insurance

Navigating as a Texas business owner comes with a lot of investment in assets and employees. One of the biggest assets to your business is your employees, as they are the faces and the connections that clients and customers make with your business. It is important to keep them safe and protected in the workplace. One of the best ways to protect your employees is with commercial insurance from Dina King Insurance.

What is required?

Texas employees are protected with workers' compensation insurance if they are hurt on the job. This is also beneficial to the business owner because it prevents an unwanted lawsuit and gives the affected employee coverage for their medical expenses and a stipend of their average payment. In the state of Texas, any business with two or more employees must carry this insurance.

What is recommended?

There are several commercial insurance options that not only protect the business but the employees within the business.

Business Interruption Insurance

In the event that your business is not able to open for standard business hours, you could find yourself struggling to pay your employees. With business interruptions service, you can get financial assistance to pay your employees' salaries when the interruption is not your fault. Many businesses have lost great employees and suffered for it later because they were not properly covered.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Some Texas businesses offer services as advisors to clients regularly with the goal to build them financially. Unfortunately, there are instances where businesses have been sued due to negligence on behalf of the employee. With errors and omissions insurance, you are protecting your employees and business in these cases. Without the right coverage, you could be forced to cover these damages out of pocket, costing you employees and other valuable assets to replace the cost.

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